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  • Sarah Van Arsdale

June, 2019

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

6.28.19 studying in Afghanistan. Photo: Jim Huylebroek

6.27.19 Cardinals Sheltering from Heat Wave at Vatican City. Photo: Angelo Carconi

6.26.19 Fatou Jallow, first to accuse Gambia's former preseident, Yahya Jammeh, of sexual assaullt. Photo: Tara Walton

U.S. Women's Soccer Team Beats Spain in World Cup. Photo: Phil Noble

6.24.19 Immigrant family in Portland, Maine, from Democratic Republic of Congo. photo: Tristan Spinski

6.22.19 Photo taken in Galveston, Texas after Hurricane Harvey. Article on how cities can protect themselves from storm surges. photo: Brendan Smiadowski

6.20.19 Emaciated polar bear in Norilsk, Russia.

6.19.19 Emotional Support Duck. Photo: Eve Edelheit

6.17.19 Sudden arrival in San Antonio of 700 migrants from Central Africa. "I cannot go back now. They will kill me." photo: Ilana Panich Linsman

6.15.19 Looking for Ebola symptoms at Uganda/Congo border. Photo: Ronald Kabuubi

6.13.19 Moscow police with people protesting police violence photo: Alexander Nemenov

6.11.19 Migrants and border patrol agents at Eagle Pass, Texas. Photo: Ilana Panich Linsman

6.7.19 scene of knife attack, Kawasaski, Japan. Photo: Carl Court

6.5.19 Plaintiffs in Suit Brought by U.S. Before the Hearing, Young Plaintiffs in Suit Against U.S> Government Over their Constitutional Right to a Livable Planet. photo : Robin Loznak

A rescued orangutan named Hope, blinded. Photo: Bryan Denton

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