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In Our Times

Updated: Apr 15, 2019

A Daily Watercolor Almanac of the Day's News

Because we're living in such frightful times, in March, 2019, I started painting a watercolor based on a photo from the day's New York Times. I hope that together, they'll help me (us) make sense of what seems, right now, senseless.

This first section is images I made before I started planning to do an image each day.

The cut line for each includes the subject, the date, and the name of the photographer.

Matamoros, Mexico, Waiting for Food Before Crossing to Brownsville, Texas 4.11.19 photo: Ilana Panich-Linsman

Book on Baseball to come out from Tyler Kemner. Photo by Barton Silverman 4.10.19

Two Contrasting Images: L: At the Border, photo by Paul Ratje R: Kirstjen Nielsen Departs, photo by Al Drago

Measles in Manila. 4.4.19 Based on the photo by Francis Malasig.

Waiting at Ciudad Juarez 4.2.19 photo by Brett Gundlock

Cyclone in Zimbabwe 3.19.19 photo by Zinyange Auntony

Vigil after shooting in New Zealand Mosque, photographer unknown

Job Fair in Chongqing, China 3.15.19 photo by Gilles Sabrie

Shooting in Brazil 3.14.19 photo by Johnny Morais

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