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  • Sarah Van Arsdale

Part Two of In Our Times

Updated: Apr 27, 2019

Daily watercolors based on images from The New York Times from 4.14.19 to 4.30.19

4.25.29 Pakistani Muslims Fleeing Sri Lanka photo Adam Dean

4.23.19 Ramapough Lenape Nation sues town of Mahwah, New Jersey. photo: James Estin

4.22.19 Easter suicide attack on St. Anthony's Shrine in Sri Lanka. photo: Dinuka Lianawatte

4.21.19 From a feature about injuries sustained by WNBA players, so this photo of Breanna Stewart is from 2018, but I couldn't resist. photo: Brad Mills

4.20.19 Columbine Memorial. photo: Daniel Brenner

4.19.19 Attorney General William Barr Defends President photo: tom brenner

5.18.19 Shrinking Glaciers in Alaska. Photo: Max Whittaker

4.17 Duke and Duchess of Sussex photo: Ben Stansall

4.16.19 President Rekindles A Campaign Threat of Peril from Islam photo: Tim Gruber

Columbian Migrants in Honduras, Climate Change
4.14.19 Migrants Flee New Threat: Climate Change photo: César Rodriguez

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